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10:47 PM


Posted by GENTO

adakah aku sedang mengalami tekanan skang?

mungkin ya ataupn tidak?hanya aku je yg taw.haha...

bese la, musim xm la katekan.

masa utk sambung stdy..

free2 nanti aku post cite yg menarik lagi k!!


jalak lenteng said...

muke ko dah cukup bg tekanan kat budak2 rumah kkd 15..hahaha

sang para normal said...

anda telah ditag

Michelle said...

That's right.
Natalie and Rick are in LA with AK'S , and if you want me to spell it out for you it means you are " FUCKED".
Besides that, so is EMILIO, MILTARILY, and " EMILY TAYLOR".
And if you don't " belief" me, check IRONICUS MAXIMUS.
It's called movie..." KANSAS KINGS".
And a lot of " stars" on " comets" are there.
Is that not " HEDIE"?
And yes... " He died on a CROSS".
With CROW and ROSS.